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DoseNation Ep. 49 Lily Kay Ross

Hosts Jake Kettle and Brian Normand are joined by Lily Kay Ross from Harvard Divinity School to discus the issues of sexual abuse in the amazon, the victimization of those who are being healed, the position of the Shaman and his roles, and more! For more information on Lily Kay Ross, visit her website at .
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DoseNation Ep. 48 - Alexandre Tannous

Ethnomusicologist Alexandre Tannous returns to DoseNation with hosts Jake Kettle and Brian Normand to discuss sound meditation, the magic behind music, electronic dance music, overtones, Corsican and Georgian Chant, and more. Alexandre will also be a Psymposium 2014 speaking about and conducting Sound Meditation.
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DoseNation Ep. 47: Dr. Rick Doblin

Hosts Jake Kettle and Brian Normand sit down for a conversation with Rick Doblin Ph.D of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and Ryan LeCompte of Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy (VET).

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Soundscapes & Psychedelics - James W. Jesso

James W. Jesso, author of Decomposing the Shadow, is releasing his new book Soundscapes and Psychedelics. This new book explores the relationship between Psychedelics, Sounds, and the high energy Electronic Dance Music scene that is popular across the globe. To get your copy of Soundscapes and Psychedelics, Pre-Order (if you are in Canada) the book on or you can purchase it on Bicycle Day, April 19th, 2014. Check out the video below for more information!

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What Is LSA?

What is LSA?

LSA (Lysergic Acid Amide) is a naturally occurring psychedelic found in many plants and seeds. It has some similarities in effect to LSD, but is generally considered much less stimulating and can be sedating in larger doses {In many people's opinion it provides the emotional component of an LSD experience without LSD's visual effects---"start low and go slow" is a common piece of advice with LSA, and all psychedelics } .The most common plants in which it is found are Morning Glory (Ipomoea violacea), and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) seeds. As with many psychoactives, these plants have a history of spiritual and religious use among indigenous tribal peoples, South America in this case, but have entered the Western world first as a somewhat obscure psychoactive. All seeds containing LSA are legal to possess (In Canada at least) and easily obtained by anyone. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, each equivalent to about 1/15 of a "full experience", are said to be the most effective form of LSA delivery.

Little Baby Woodrose
Down on his luck

Crying out the auction
Lots to make a buck

Little Baby Woodrose
Journeys all alone

Never never landing
Never going home

Big brother Ellis Dean
Steals the show

Laughing in the poppies
Row on row

Little Baby Woodrose
Catching in the Rye

Standing on the cliffs
Where the children die

No one ever hears him
After the fall

Little Baby Woodrose
Cries for us all.

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DoseNation 46: Dennis McKenna

Host Jake Kettle introduces Brian Normand, the new co-host of the DoseNation podcast. Dennis McKenna joins Jake and Brian to discuss the history of ethnobotany (Part 1) from 1850-1980, the rise of alchemical practices in the West, plant medicine, Psymposium coming up in April, and Psymposia. You can find Dennis McKenna's book, the Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss on Amazon or at
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DoseNation 45: News Roundup

DoseNation hosts Jake Kettle and James Kent discuss the relationship between the Anti-Gay Movement in the United States, and the Anti Gay movement in Russia, the current situation in Europe, long term survival of small countries, MDMA for Criminals, Psychological Addiction, a news roundup and more!
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PsypressUK 2014 now available

The fourth edition of the PsypressUK magazine is NOW AVAILABLE! Showcasing the best in current psychedelic drug writers from across a range of backgrounds and disiplines, this latest edition is the most jam-packed we've done - all topped of with a wonderful cover illustration by the incredibly talented Jeremy Beswick (Cornwall, UK).

CONTRIBUTORS (in no particular order):

Ross Heaven - Salvia Divinorum and the Illusion of our Existence
Neal M. Goldsmith - Neurotransmitters and the Integral Approach to Reality
Justin Panneck - The Ritual Use of Ayahuasca
Thomas Hatsis - The Dogmatist's Debacle
Peter Sjöstedt-H - Myco-Metaphysics
Chris Salway - Potential Risks of MDMA Use
Dale Bewan - Psychedelics as a Tool for Directed Self-Discovery
Robert Tindall - Is Alcohol a Spirit?
Psychedelic Frontier - Fireworks
Sam Gandy - Who's Tripping Who?
Duncan Thomson - The Rise of Cannabis in Modern Medicine
Judith Sudholter - An Interview with Luke Brown
James W. Jesso - Reigniting Awe
Ivo Aleixo - Drug Laws in Portugal

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DoseNation 44: Heroin Epidemic

Hosts Jake Kettle and James Kent discuss the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, heroin overdose and addiction, the transition from prescribed opiates to heroin, the mainstream news' fascination with the "Heroin Epidemic", and how opiates kill the groovy love and good times in counterculture scenes.
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St. Jerome: The Life of Paul the First Hermit

This document is in the public domain. Copying it is encouraged.

The Blessèd Jerome:

Translated by Wm. Henry Fremantle, 1893.

Vita Sancti Pauli, PL 23:25
(written in the Syrian desert A.D. 374 or 375 and dedicated to Paulus of Concordia)

1. It has been a subject of wide-spread and frequent discussion what monk was the first to give a signal example of the hermit life. For some going back too far have found a beginning in those holy men Elias and John, of whom the former seems to have been more than a monk and the latter to have begun to prophesy before his birth. Others, and their opinion is that commonly received, maintain that Antony was the originator of this mode of life, which view is partly true. Partly I say, for the fact is not so much that he preceded the rest as that they all derived from him the necessary stimulus. But it is asserted even at the present day by Amathas and Macarius, two of Antony's disciples, the former of whom laid his master in the grave, that a certain Paul of Thebes was the leader in the movement, though not the first to bear the name, and this opinion has my approval also. Some as they think fit circulate stories such as this: "that he was a man living in an underground cave with flowing hair down to his feet", and invent many incredible tales which it would be useless to detail. Nor does the opinion of men who lie without any sense of shame seem worthy of refutation. So then inasmuch as both Greek and Roman writers have handed down careful accounts of Antony, I have determined to write a short history of Paul's early and latter days, more because the thing has been passed over than from confidence in my own ability. What his middle life was like, and what snares of Satan he experienced, no man, it is thought, has yet discovered.

2. During the persecutions of Decius and Valerian [AD 249-260], when Cornelius at Rome and Cyprian at Carthage shed their blood in blessed martyrdom, many churches in Egypt and the Thebaid were laid waste by the fury of the storm. At that time the Christians would often pray that they might be smitten with the sword for the name of Christ. But the desire of the crafty foe was to slay the soul, not the body; and this he did by searching diligently for slow but deadly tortures. In the words of Cyprian himself who suffered at his hands: they who wished to die were not suffered to be slain. We give two illustrations, both as specially noteworthy and to make the cruelty of the enemy better known.

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