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DoseNation 8 of 10 - Fields of Sun

James Kent explores the cult of the Amanita Muscaria mushroom in this special extended episode about the dark side of psychedelic culture. Topics include John Allegro, Gordon Wasson, Soma, a new anthropological principle, and shocking tales of psychedelic misadventure.
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DoseNation 7 of 10 - Undun

James Kent continues his look back through the dark side of psychedelics. Topics include integrating psychedelics into the mainstream, psychedelic marketing, a history of bad ideas, analysis of Huxley's valve theory, and shocking case studies of psychedelic misadventure.
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DoseNation 6 of 10 - The Master

James Kent continues his look at the darker side of psychedelics and discusses bad psychedelic memes, the new age fascination with gurus, the myth of shamanism, problems with ayahuasca, and tragic misadventures in ayahuasca tourism.

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DoseNation 5 of 10 - Mr. Wonderworld

James Kent continues exploring the darker side of psychedelics with discussions of pseudoscience, delusional reality, ketamine, paranoia, psychosis, and the inability to realize when your own sanity is in danger. Includes interview with special guest D.M. Turner, featuring Elizabeth Gips.
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DoseNation 4 of 10 - Psychic Wars

James Kent continues his journey through the dark side of psychedelics and discusses the perils of underground research, disinformation, the power of the paranormal, the allures of the New Age, Terence McKenna, Psychedelic Illuminations, a personal DMT Elf study, and case study number four in the ongoing collection of existential psychedelic tragedies.
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DoseNation 3 of 10 - Horror Trips

James Kent continues a discussion on Psychosis, Psychotic Episodes, and Psychedelic Philosophy, then deconstructs Albert Hofmann's famous Bicycle Day trip and reconsiders Hofmann's parting words in "LSD My Problem Child".

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DoseNation 2 of 10 - The Unravelling

James Kent continues to wind down DoseNation as he discusses Psychedelic Prohibition, the Legitimization of Psychedelics, Psychedelic Myths, Party Culture, Psychotic Episodes, and shares a Startling Personal Revelation from the past.
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DoseNation 1 of 10 - The Beginning of the End

The first of the last ten episodes of DoseNation. James Kent presents "The Beginning of the End". Topics include How to Kill a Blog, The Darker Side of Psychedelic Culture, personal stories from earlier times, and reflections on personal interviews with Terence McKenna and Kat Harrison from 1993.
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Dear Mr. Carolla: Institutional Racism and the War on Drugs

James L. Kent
I will admit for the record that I am a fan of the Adam Carolla show, I listen to it almost every day. But lately it has become very difficult to listen because of Mr. Carolla’s heated dismissal of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the doubling down on the notion that institutional racism is no longer a factor in the struggle or policing of impoverished inner cities. This trend is exacerbated by booking guests like Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulis, pundits that claim to be rational intellectuals but are clearly flacks working for the Republican establishment and the biggest troll of all the Republican media outlets, Breitbart News.

Listening to the August 8, 2016 episode of the “Adam Carolla Show”, it is clear that Mr. Carolla agrees with Ben Shapiro’s statements that the problems with impoverished black communities are due to “cultural factors” like crime and single motherhood, and that claims of institutional racism are a whiny and finger pointing way of blaming the problems in the black community on someone else. Mr. Shapiro smugly rattles off a list of facts indicating how black communities have decayed since the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, and seems to imply that in the years since black people won right to vote they all just went crazy, became criminals, and started having as many illegitimate children as possible. Mr. Carolla happily doubles down on his sentiment and argues that if black people could just raise their children as a family instead of as a single parent then all their problems would magically be solved. Indeed, Carolla’s single solution to the problem of impoverished black communities is “family and education,” which he shouts to the heavens as if nobody in the history of the world had come up with this simple platitude. Also, he rudely dismisses anyone who would argue that the problem is more complex than that.

What Mr. Shapiro fails to mention in his statistics of the black community is that in the years after black people won the right to vote, their leaders and their communities were targeted with one of the most devastating and racially based social programs ever, the War on Drugs. We all know the War on Drugs is a misguided and failed public policy, but what is almost never mentioned is that from inception the War on Drugs was intended to criminalize and control black leaders and minority populations. I understand that this sentiment sounds horribly diabolical, and nobody in America wants to own up to this ugly truth, but facts are facts. The War on Drugs and the following decades of aggressive policing in black communities led to the largest mass incarceration of black people in the history of the world. And the architect of this policy was Richard M. Nixon, a white man and the President of the United States. Institutional racism does not get any higher than a sitting President of the United States implementing a policy specifically to keep minorities out of power by making them all criminals and putting them all in jail.

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Is james ok? Any word when he will return? Miss that guy!

MANAGING EDITORS NOTE: James' is fine, just very busy! He'll be returning for future shows soon!

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